[Gpdd] [Health] so-called cyst

Laura Carin lcarin at shaw.ca
Wed Mar 1 17:40:57 EST 2006

Hi everyone,
I wrote to the digest awhile back because Zephyr had a cyst on his leg that 
was getting bigger.  Well a few days ago the so-called cyst started to get 
scabby bits on it and we were getting worried that he would get some sort of 
infection so we went to our vet and it turns out that it's not a cyst after 
all, it's a tumor.  She scheduled him for surgery to remove the tumor next 
Friday but when we got home last night it was bleeding and we were 
terrified.  The emergency animal hospital said they could take us right away 
but I was worried about having a non guinea pig vet do the surgery.  It 
wasn't actively bleeding so we decided to see how he was doing this morning. 
Now it has clotted over and just looks like an angry erupted volcano.  He's 
acting the same way he always does, eating tons, sleeping tons and pooping 
tons and is still running around like nothing's wrong.  I'm now trying to 
get the vet to take him this Friday for surgery.  Has anyone had any 
experience with tumors before?  I couldn't sleep last night because I was so 
worried about him.  Our vet is the only guinea pig savvy vet in the city so 
I'm scared to take him somewhere else.

A scared Laura, Zephyr & Felix 

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