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hypnotic95 at aol.com hypnotic95 at aol.com
Sat Mar 4 18:38:47 EST 2006

We got two boy guinea pigs at the same time. They have been together since  
November.  Two days ago while they were out playing in a bathroom (don't  worry 
it's a huge bathroom) one actually bit the other, there was of blood on  the 
floor.   I rushed the hurt piggy to the vet.  He's doing a  lot better now.  
My question is they are now in different cages but they  can see each other and 
they make wheek sounds and stand up and look at each  other all the time.  
I'm afraid to put them back together and the vet said  we probably couldn't but 
they really seem sad.  I don't want them hurt, but  watching them is breaking 
my heart.  Can some please help me?  Any  advice would be great!!  
thank you

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