[Gpdd] CARE: Water bottles and dogs

Linda Hamilton lhamilton1 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 9 13:50:36 EST 2006


I'm a former GPDD member (from about 1995 or so). Our
piggies from that time, Scooter and Chocolate, have
passed to Rainbow Bridge and we thought we'd be
piggy-less from now on. However, my husband really
missed them, so now, so many years later, we visited a
petshop and picked up two female piggy babies --
Nutmeg and Bree. We've had them for three days now.

It's been many years since we've had piggies. We
remember the basics, but something's giving us real
problems: our water bottles keep leaking or else
stopping flowing altogether! Our first one leaked so
badly it was a constant flow from the bottle cap
itself. We took it back and the next one dripped
pretty badly from the watering spout but when that
stopped was unreliable -- it tended to not let much
out for the piggies. I've picked up a third and it's a
bit better but does seem to drip quite a bit. I
vaguely recall having similar problems years ago....
Has anything better hit the market since then that I
don't know about? Is there a better way to provide
water than the bottles?

Also, does anyone have experience in getting a dog
used to (and same around) piggies. We have two Shih
Tzus. One grew up with our previous piggies (she was
smaller than they were when we got her), but the other
is a rescue and is suspiciously keen to get close to
the piggies and has taken a nip in their direction --
he seems pretty sure they're food/toys for him to play
with. I'm a bit worried. At the moment we're being
extremely careful naturally. The cage is too high up
(it has long legs with rollers) so he can't get into
it though he can see into it if he stands on his hind
legs. We're telling him "No" and using the squirt
bottle if he growls or jumps at the cage and we put
him in the kitchen when we have the piggies out for
socialization. Does anyone else have any better ideas?
Is he ever likely to become safe with the piggies?


Linda, Nutmeg, and Bree

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