[Gpdd] Health--ears!

DEB GANLEY debg43 at verizon.net
Sat Mar 11 23:59:59 EST 2006

Take a word of advice from me & check your piggie's ears regularly--I just happened to flip Potter's left ear the wrong way on Sunday night while I was petting her & noticed some  crusty gunk coming out of it.  I wiped it out with a wet paper towel & also saw a red "thing" in her ear.  BTW, Potter didn't even flinch while I was wiping her ear.  I got her to the vet on Monday--Dr. Hughes initially thought it was excess wax; then when he looked further,  he saw that the "red thing" was a growth that may or may not have perforated her ear drum & might have been headed to her brain.  She's a lumpy-bumpy pig anyway (prone to lipomas, she's had 2 abdominal surgeries for them, Emma has had one also-)so she may have a new growth in a new area--he strongly recommended surgery the next day.  Scared to pieces, since Potter is probably 5 years old,  I brought her in at 7am for her surgery (more scared about the anesthesia issues than the surgery--but Dr Hughes said the benefits would outway the risks.)  Bottom line, I picked her up at 3pm & Potter did great--Dr Hughes cauterized off the growth in her ear, right down to the root so he's reasonably positive that he got it all.  She did great--wanted her salad as soon as she got home!  She didn't even have stitches & has let me look in her ear to make sure it's healing well.  She's my little Timex pig--takes a licking & keeps on ticking!  (Yeah, I'm old, to remember that commercial!)  But now I'm looking in Molly & Emma's ears to make sure nothing else is going on in there.  It takes 10 seconds & it well worth it, if it prevents surgery.   Deb, Potter, Molly & Emma

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