[Gpdd] ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing...

KATHERINE L MOORE katmooretx at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 12 01:49:13 EST 2006

Teddy Bear! 
  My husband, daughter and I went to Trader's Village today.  We stopped by a pet shop - just to look!   When we saw him.  A beautiful Teddy Bear-Angora mix. I held him and fell in love.  He is very sweet.  He is only 4-5 months old.  The guy at the pet shop said that he was the baby of a piggy they had sold that was pregnant.  A few months after he was born, the owners of Teddy's mom brought him to the pet shop to be sold.  Fortunately he was held frequently and is a very sweet natured piggy already.  My husband bought him for me.
  I know it's a little soon after losing Root Beer, but this little guy was too cute to leave there!  We really did not go intending to find a pet, but you can't stop love! 
  Here are some pigtures of Teddy:
  The only thing I am nervous about is that he doesn't seem to be drinking much water.  He was drinking plenty at the pet shop.  Could the stress or "trauma" of the move result in him drinking less?  Just curious...
  Y'all take care,
  Slave to Teddy Bear, Cloud, Citrus with Root Beer in my heart

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