[Gpdd] Announcement: Incredible News, the Birth of Jelly Bean

ghost1972 at sbcglobal.net ghost1972 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 14 13:01:32 EST 2006

    Dear Guinea Slaves,
    You are not going to believe the news I just heard. My sister's guinea pig Mamas just unexpectedly gave birth to the newest memeber of our guinea family, Jelly Bean. Mamas and her cage mate Rain (I told Sammy Rain was a boy! But did she listen? Nooooooo! Because that stupid vet couldn't tell the difference! Moron!) must've snuck off into the pigloo in the dead of night because no one suspected the pregnancy and since there was only one baby, Mamas didn't look preggers at all. But, even if she was unexpected, Jelly Bean is a blessing and we are so happy to have her. 
    Rain, after showing his true colors, is now living with Sammy's boyfriend Franky and is quite happy (Don't worry, Franky is a great guy and I know from meeting his other pets that he takes very good care of them). Jelly Bean and Mamas are staying with Sammy and are quite happy as well. 
    Needless to say I am one excited Auntie! Virtual cigars for all! Now we just have to build a bigger cage for all of our little piggie friends and we'll have a big tea party. Hurray!
                                    Love and Kisses,
PS: Pooky is Jelly Bean's sister, and she was quite excited about the birth. Blacky wasn't surprised (she must have known about Rain's little seret) and simply shook her head. Oh well, there's just no pleasing some piggies.

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