[Gpdd] HEALTH: good news!

Laura Grace Rollins rollinsl at musc.edu
Wed Mar 15 10:20:38 EST 2006

Hi guys,
I have a miracle recovery story. My piggy, Martin Luther, was diagnosed 
with upper and lower respiratory infections and pnemonia in August. I was 
devastated. The vet didn't give me much hope, but he was put on Cipro just 
in case it helped. For weeks I held him every time I could get my hands on 
him and cried about every time. It looked like it took everything in him to 
breath, and I was thinking of having him put down because he was sooo 
miserable. He had to be separated from his little brother, Pippin, for a 
few weeks, until Pipp stoped eating. I had to put them together so they 
both went on the antibiotics. Well, I'm happy to say, they had a checkup 
the other day and there is no sign of infection in Pipp or Luther! He is 
completely healed! There is hope!
Laura Grace, Pippin and Martin Luther

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