[Gpdd] MISC: Jellybean, the beauty queen

ghost1972 at sbcglobal.net ghost1972 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 16 10:02:10 EST 2006

    Hi, everyone! I noticed there was a little question for me about Jellybean. I haven't gotten to see her yet, my week has ben so busy, but I did have her described to me. (Just so you know, I am saying "her" because it's just natural to me, being a guinea mom of two girls, that all guineas are female. We are still not sure yet!) Anyway, She is nearly all cream colored and has a little piggie mohawk on top of her head like her Daddy, Rain. And this is too cute. Rain is a darker pig with black and caramel colored splotches all over. Mamas is mostly cream colored and has little markings of caramel. So, Jellybean ended up getting one spot for Mamas in caramel and one spot of Rain in the black! Isn't that sweet? I really hope Jellybean ends up being a girl. Sammy will be so heart-broken if she finds out she has to get rid of Jellybean as well as Rain. If I am not careful, I'll end up having to build a second cage for all of the males she can't keep. *sigh* It'd be okay, though. :)
    Thank you for the congratulations. I am one proud Auntie. :) The happiest days truly are when babies are born. 
                                        Love, Amber

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