[Gpdd] Health. Dianna Had 5 very healthy Babies

Amie Veigel amieveigel at msn.com
Thu Mar 16 20:08:38 EST 2006

Our Dianna has had her first and only litter, of 5 very healthy babies. Will 
is going in to the vet to be neutered, and when the boys from the litter are 
old enough they will be too. We've decided to keep all the babies, and add 
an extra level to our cage (one look from those sweet faces, had both me and 
Graham looking for ways to make our cage bigger, lol).
We are so excited, the babies are absolutly beautiful, and are doing so 
well. Dianna is an excellent Mummy pig, and we seperated the cage so Will 
can still see Dianna and the babies (we seperated them a few days before the 
babies were born) . The babies often go through to see their dad, and he 
loves to clean them, and has been been an excellent Daddy pig.
Four of them take after Will, with Abyssian hair, and all are tri coloured 
except for one Baby who is tan and black. One Baby does not have rosettes in 
his hair, and he looks so much like his mum, just with a little more white 
on him, (or her, Im having a little troble sexing them so young).
We are thinking of appropriate names, Im thinking of Star Trek names that I 
love, since Will and Dianna are both named after Star Trek characters. Im 
just waiting now, to see Who is what sex, so I don't accidently give a boy a 
girls name and visa versa, but at least it gives me time to compile a list 
of names, lol.
The babies were born on the 15th of March! Happy Birthday Baby Guineas :0)
>From Amie, Will, Dianna and the Babies. :0)

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