[Gpdd] Behavior: Jealous Pigs...

Leah McNeil lconsuela at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 24 22:24:16 EST 2006

Hello Slaves!
Earlier today, I was feeling
a little under the weather. It
was cold and rainy, and I don't
know, my whole body just felt
achy. So, I decided to watch
'America's Next Top Model' and
lay down with Butterscotch for
a while. He's so warm and cuddly,
and he always makes me feel
better. He's a healing pig, for

So, anyways, I'm just laying
there with him. And meanwhile,
Miss Brownie Bear gets pissy.
She can't stand it when I lay
down with BS. So, she's doing
everything she can to get my
attention. First, she played
with the annoying bell--that
is BS's favorite toy. Then,
she jumps in one of their tents
and makes a big mess of the
hay. Then, she runs under one
of the pigloos and starts
thumping it against the dining
room table leg, etc. etc. etc.

But, I was too tired to get
up and give her some attention.
So, I fell asleep. Oops! And
when I woke up, BS had left me
a BIG surprise...a big 'ole
pile of poop on my sweatshirt--
ha ha! So, I put down him and
he ran off.

Then, I got up and brought
B-Bear back to the couch with
me for some naptime. So, what
does Butterscotch start doing?
Begging for attention! (Of course)
First, he violently throws his
bell toy around, then he runs
through the big pile of hay in
their cage and drags it all over
the place. Then, he starts
purring and popcorning and making
all kinds of noise, etc. etc. etc.

Those pigs are so darn FUNNY!
You just gotta Love 'em...

  Love 'n Wheeeeeeeeeps,
    Leah...Slave to Brownie Bear
               & Butterscotch :-)

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