[Gpdd] behavior=purring

Pasmant, Dawna DawnaP at Scosche.com
Thu Mar 30 12:16:04 EST 2006

Hello fellow slaves.  BooBoo and Fugly send sad weeps to all that have lost
little fur babies, and healing weeps for all that are in need.  Regarding
the purring sound.  There are a few different types to be on the hear out
for.  I have found that a soft long purr is usually poured out when there is
petting involved.  If it is a short sharp burr, that is usually a danger
sound.  Oreo is probably telling you how much she enjoys your touch.  Boo
will do that in the morning when my hubby pets her good-bye.  She will
stretch out and assume that "hot pocket" position, and purr and purr. ( he
has that same affect on me so I cant blame her) Of course she gets petted
before i get my good bye kiss.  And he calls me nutz.  So keep petting and
enjoy.  Regarding the biting on the cage. Fugly does that when I come out in
the morning and she is gonna get her daily treats.  She is more of a
nibbler.  I think she just likes to eat.  Isn't having Guineas the best
thing in the world?  OK second best thing.  Hugs and weeping popcorns to
all.  Time for me to go pet a pig.  Dawna elated slave to The Fuginator and
Best Regards,
Dawna Pasmant
Scosche Industries
1-800-363-4490 Ext 115 
dawnap at scosche.com

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