[Gpdd] Health-hay

joan fagalde momcat1000 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 30 16:23:46 EST 2006

I have a question maybe one of you can answer.  Why do you all seem to feed your piggys timothy hay rather than alfalfa?  Other than the fact that alfalfa is a little sweeter and probably more calories, what's the difference.  My Lady Bug won't have anything to do with timothy.  She won't touch the hay and eats just enough timothy pellets to stay alive, will lose weight and with no gusto.  Alfalfa, on the other hand, she eats just fine and no, she's not at all overweight.
  Purring noises...how cute that must be.  In my experience, if your little one does not bite, chatter or move away from your hand, she likes what you're doing, especially if she closes her eyes.  For mine that signifies contentment.
  Biting the cage.  Yes.  Even before she went blind, my Lady Bug puts everything and I mean everything in her mouth.  Just like a human baby that's how she tests things.  She used to chew on the bars of her cage just to amuse herself.  I would think that as long as nothing is being ingested all is well.  If the chewing is due to a neighboring cage, you might try a piece of cardboard between the cages or moving the cage to another part of the room where the scent is less.  Just a thought.
  Anyway, any info on the relation of timothy to alfalfa would be appreciated.
  Joan, slave to the Lady Bug.

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