[Gpdd] Rescue: Check out the link

Michelle Lazarus michelle.lazarus at jefferson.edu
Fri Mar 31 09:41:25 EST 2006

Hey all . . . I forgot to include the link to website.  Jenn also
thanked us on the home page.  And the vet bill so far has been cut in
half, there is still a HUGE bill, but all of your help is what made this
possible!!!!!  Thank you sooooooo much!-

Here is the link
pretty self explanatory :)

P.S.  Ella had her sedation and the vet determined there is nothing
wrong with her teeth.  She is just an odd pig.  She has had every test
known to man.  I think Ella is just a little "odd", that is what made me
fall in love with her to begin with:)  Right after she got back from
sedation she started chowing down and her cagemates (Kayla and Ginger)
were popcorning none stop.  So . . . I guess we are all fine for now!

Thanks for everyone's kind words and good wishes!

You guys are truly amazing!


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