[Gpdd] Misc: cat grass

Ginger Fitzsimmons matildalucet at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 31 16:21:10 EST 2006

On Mar 29, 2006, Martha wrote:

> What I usually do it put the
> plant into their playpen and hold it while they munch it right out of 
> the
> pot. They think it's fun to give it a tug but be sure to have a really
> stable pot or keep a hold of it while they're grazing.

Butterscotch and Clover were each given a parsley plant for Christmas. 
I've been carefully tending the plants for them ever since, 
occasionally snipping some sprigs for them. Last week during floor 
time, I brought out one of the pots and sat on the floor near them for 
a few minutes and let them attack. They very much enjoyed the fresh 
parsley, but judging by Butterscotch's behavior, he's never encountered 
growing food before. He kept taking a bite and jerking his head to try 
to get me to let go of the end of his sprig - only I wasn't holding it, 
it was still rooted. Clover quietly grazed without the tug of war, 
though I don't know whether that is because he figured out he couldn't 
carry it off or just didn't care as long as it was within easy reach.


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