[Gpdd] Health: Pee

Missy Chodoro melissachodoro at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 31 22:29:00 EST 2006

Okay, i posted earlier tonight. I saw one of my boys with some pink pee. I have indentified which one it is and i watched him pee. No squeaking or crying but he does leave "pink" spots on the sheet. I have looked this up and see that it can be a UTI (kind of common) or possible a stone. Now, what is the next course of action? I currently have some antibiotics at home. I know that everyone will say to run him to the vet. Aside from running to the vet... Do i        watch him for another day or two to see if the  urine is still pink? Do i give some antibiotics knowing that that is the treatment that they would give him at the vet for both a UTI and stones? I am not trying to avoid going to the vet but i have been there about 3 times and i haven't even had my boys for 2 years yet. I know that pink pee is not a good thing but i had to run to a vet every  time something happens with them so i am wondering if there are any thoughts on something i can try before running to the
 vet. If everyone thinks the vet is the first step, then off to the vet we go!

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