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joan fagalde momcat1000 at yahoo.com
Mon May 1 14:20:13 EDT 2006

Hi Jaime and Molly-this is Joan and Lady Bug.  I know about blind piggies as Lady Bug has been blind for almost 8 months now.  (She will be 4 years in June.)  I don't think guinea pigs have exceptional sight to begin with.  Fortunately, they do have great hearing and sense of smell.  Some things are harder such as entertainment since they can't see anything.  I'm hard pressed sometimes to keep the LB from being bored.  Her favorite thing is a small paper bag she plays with when she sits on my lap.  I watch her when we're on the sofa as she can't see the edge and I don't want her to fall!  I always put everything in exactly the same place every day and when I clean her so she knows both the confines of her cage and where things are.  The only thing she will move around every day is her pigloo.  She always remembers where she put the opening!  LB has gotten more nervous since her blindness so I always speak to her when I come into the room and then she's not startled.  She
 knows its me or which ever friend has come to visit.  LB also uses only two places to poo.  One is by her food dish (she's lazy) and the other is her pigloo.  I think that's why she moves it so much as well as not leaving traces for "predators".  It's the only thing I can think of.  I think that's also why she's gotten so quiet and rarely wheeks anymore unless I pick her up, hold her close to my head; then she'll wheek very softly into my ear.  I think she's using some kind of self-defense thing.  She does trust me and knows no harm will come to her.  Molly will probably develope the same kind of trust in you.  It makes for a little more work on your part, especially since she's an "only" as is the Bugster but to me the Lady Bug is perfect.  We've come to understand each other and I wouldn't trade her for anything.  Hope this helps a bit with the adorable and precious Molly. 
  Joan, slave to the Lady Bug

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