[Gpdd] [CARE] Blind piggy

Evelyn Baker ebak at ca.inter.net
Mon May 1 18:03:57 EDT 2006

First of all having a piggy that only goes in one corner is a good  
thing. Keeps the cage neater, and perhaps she can be litter trained,  
although because she is almost blind she probably won't want to be  
running around in large spaces.

My guinea pig has bad cataracts. She's had cataracts since she was  
two and I suspect her actual sight is just shadows but she does very  
well. From read I've read you must keep her cage arranged the exact  
same way so she knows where everything is. Always place her food in  
the same space. She'll get used to it and once she gets used to the  
concept of a cleaned out cage, she should be okay with it. I've heard  
of other blind guinea pigs who have companions that help them.

Phoebe also does the constant smelling thing. I thought she was just  
pointing to the fridge but she also sniffs the air after I've been in  
the kitchen.

I think with time, Molly will become a loving and well-loved guinea pig.

Evelyn and Phoebe the guinea pig.

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