[Gpdd] ANNOUNCEMENT: Missing Digests?

GPDD Admin gpdd_admin at gpdd.org
Tue May 2 07:54:23 EDT 2006


On Friday, April 28, the ISP that hosts the GPDD was the victim of a Denial
of Service (DoS) attack. As a result, several servers (including the one
that has the GPDD mailing list and website) had to be taken offline. 

Although the servers were back online later that day, after-effects of the
DoS attack resulted in the GPDD being offline until today (Monday). If you
get your Digest as individual messages, you may not have noticed (evidently
single postings were distributed). But if receive a Digest, you may not
have gotten #132- #134. 

Unfortunately, we cannot recover lost Digests, but some (or all) of the
messages posted those days are available in the GPDD Archives (sort by date
to find April 28 - 30).

We apologize for the inconvenience. We have no control over these types of
malicious mischief, but that doesn't make the loss of the GPDD for a few
days any less upsetting. 

Last, we urge everyone to download a text copy of the Digest Safety Net
(DSN) list (http://www.gpdd.org/dsn.txt) and keep it handy. The DSN was
created for situations similar to what just happened, when the GPDD may be
unavailable and you have an urgent question regarding your piggie. 


The GPDD Team

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