[Gpdd] [Misc] Molly's eyes / Feeding mint / A jumping one (funny thing)

calzos calcinos at yahoo.es
Tue May 2 09:53:57 EDT 2006

  four of my five piggies do "odd things" like pooing/peeing in a corner, and they all sleep with their eyes closed, so that's usual to me. They're so clever! :) :)
  If the girl is just 6-8 months old, I think she'll be used to live that way; if her food and water are always at the same place, she won't have any problem (I hope), and her weight is normal; don't worry, she has a good daddy. I'm happy she's ok (more or less), and she'll have a wonderful life. I bet she's pretty, isn't she? ;) 
  Feeding mint.
  My babies love mint, dandelions (leaves and flowers), cleavers, grass (and a few more, but I just know the spanish names: melisa, llanten...); they eat them once or twice a week, and they run with the leaves into their mouth, it's very funny.

  Funny thing (jumping baby).
  And this is a sad story with a happy and funny ending. Last dec, I adopted my beautiful black girl. She was about 15-20 days old but she couldn't move her little "legs", because she was born into a very small cage and the intelligent humans had all the babies together, too many for that small cage. So, all of them could run, but she just could move a little her hands, and even she wasn't able to wash herself. She was very small and her brothers/sisters (yes, all of them together) sended her to a corner.
  After visiting the vets, they told us we had a very hard work with her, including massages and sun baths. One month later, she started to walk, and last Jan she started to run!. We were very happy!
  Right now, she's a runner and (surprise) she jumps a lot! She loves it! She uses to jump over her mates, the food dishes, and on me! She jumps on my foot while I'm walkin', on my legs if I'm on my chair... I think we gave her too many massages!!.
  They live in a very big open cage, and a few days ago she discovered she could jump off the cage! Thank God the cages are on the floor. So, when she was bored, she used to jump in and off the cage. In and off, in and off. The cage wall is 35 cm. (about 1.15 feet) and we were afraid she could break her spine or a little leg, so we had to make another cage, a higher one. Now, she looks at the walls a bit angry, I think; it seems she begs for the old one, because her entertainment is over!
  Wheeeks from Cris and Cosina, Mochin (the jumping one), mama-Wanda, Choco and Hastur. Love from Spain.


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