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Elly Takaki elftak2003 at yahoo.ca
Tue May 2 13:31:20 EDT 2006

Thanks to anyone who posts a repsonse to my post.

Caramel passed away this morning while I was at work. I wanted to be with her but I couldn't. 

After doing some internet reading, I felt silly that I didn't think of pneumonia or a respiratory infection right away. It's been so long since I first got a guinea pig and did all my research. At the time I posted, her breathing wasn't laboured yet, although it did get worse last night. I've still always been careful to keep her out of drafts (or so I thought) and not handle her when I'm sick but I think she did have pneumonia. We've been sick lately with coughs and I wonder if she could have picked up a germ. Either that or she was in a draft, I don't know. I thought she would live at least a couple more years. She still looked like a baby to me (small, blonde, smooth coat). I loved her but I feel guilty that she didn't have a cagemate since Bertha died 3 years ago. I've had two kids in the last 5 years and didn't think I could cope with cleaning up after two piggies, as well as my 2 dogs and the very expensive sickly stray cat that is now ours. I loved her but was not
 able to give her the perfect life she deserved.

It's going to be very strange not to have a guinea pig in the house. I'll wait a while before getting another. I already miss her soft fur. :(

Thanks for listening. I think you guys are the best people! Anyone who cares so much about a small, sweet animal has to be pretty good themselves.



P.S. If anyone has any advice on how to tell a four-year-old, please let me know. I'm not sure whether to have a service and burial, what to say, whether he should see her body. Any advice is appreciated.


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