[Gpdd] Reply to Health: Zephyr's poos

Ulrich&Nicole Thomann niculi.stow at comcast.net
Tue May 2 16:01:04 EDT 2006

Hi Laura and the Guinea Pigs,

are you sure that nothing changed in Zephyr's diet? We have a 6 year old
Wilbur (alias Nono), who made those loose (and somewhat smelly) big poo
balls for over half a year.  after consulting our vet and we put Wilbur on
Reglan (a digestive help - our guinea pigs actually love that stuff) which
didn't cure the problem.  We stopped feeding Dandelion greens which helped
somewhat but the loose poo came back every other two days or so.
Then, we changed from pure Vita Vittles to a mix of 1/3 Vita Vittles and 2/3
Cavy Cuisine (Oxbow).  That was after we took a close look on the
ingredients list - And, Surprise, he had no loose poop since then.  Vita
Vittles alone have probably too much protein that upsets some piggy's
digestive tract.  He always has ample timothy hay and other hay in his cage
and were he sleeps at night (he is allowed to roam), but that would not stop
the problem.
This is just a thought, you may have changed nothing at all - then I would
recommend a visit at the vet and may be a period of administering 3-4mls of
Reglan daily.

Hope, Zephyr is better soon

Uli and Nicole, hopelessly addicted slaves to six gorgeous WheeWhees.  

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