[Gpdd] Health--Zephyr's Bundly Poos

Leila Baldridge keegsmom at cablelynx.com
Wed May 3 00:22:02 EDT 2006

Hi Laura,
while I am certainly no expert, it sounds like Zephyr may be having impactions. This is more common in older boars but my Elvis occasionally becomes impacted and he is only 2 1/2.
GuineaLynx explains it much better than I can--go to www.guinealynx.com and look in the medical reference for a detailed discussion on impactions. If this does not seem to fit his symptoms or you have any questions, please check with a piggie-knowledgeable vet--but this may at least give you some info on what the problem could be. Anytime a piggie strains to poop or pee, or seems to have pain or has sudden change in potty habits, it could be the sign of a serious problem.
Hope this helps, and sending get well wishes to Zephyr from the 6 Little Pigs!

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