[Gpdd] [Health] Zephyr's poos

Laura Carin lcarin at shaw.ca
Wed May 3 12:36:17 EDT 2006

Thanks to everyone who replied to me about Zephyr's bundly poos.  He is only 
a year and a half, can a boar that young get impacted?  I also spent a bit 
more time keeping an eye on him and he actually doesn't appear to be 
straining, he just often has a bundle half out of him.  His poos looked 
better today, just a few bundles and more normal looking ones.  It could be 
diet though it's odd that Felix isn't affected.  I started feeding them 
cucumber awhile ago and I didn't used to feed it to Zephyr when he was a 
lone piggie.  I'm taking that out to see if it makes a difference.  I also 
noticed that the bag of Sweet Meadow Hay that I took out of the freezer (I 
order 6 bags and then freeze 4), seems to be less than pleasing to both Zeph 
and Felix.  Neither of them usually have a problem with the defrosted hay. 
It smells great to me, sweet and green.  Maybe Zeph isn't eating enough hay 
to give his poos the firmness they need.  I can't imagine why they would 
suddenly go off the hay.  They eat everything else -pellets and veggies- 
like there's no tomorrow.  I'm going to be keeping a close eye on him to try 
and figure this mystery out.

Thanks again!
Laura, Felix & Zephyr 

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