[Gpdd] ANNOUNCEMENT: Got pig?

rmalsberg at comcast.net rmalsberg at comcast.net
Thu May 4 22:02:35 EDT 2006

Hi Everyone and Everypig -

I had been hoping to connect with someone who might have a girlpig available for adoption at the IL Pignic in June, but now find that I can't go due to a family commitment.

So does anyone in the NW Chicago burbs or reasonably close area have/know of a female piggy in need of a home?  Carmen is pulling out of her depression, mostly, but I know she would be better off with a friend.

Ours is a non-smoking, child-free household.  Pigs are the only animals in residence.  Only INVITED animals, that is...............

Please help us out.  Don't make us go to China or Russia.

Thanks in advance.


Rayna and Carmen 
Taffy, Sundae and Tosca in mem

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