[Gpdd] RAINBOW BRIDGE - Ophelia

rmalsberg at comcast.net rmalsberg at comcast.net
Fri May 5 18:24:36 EDT 2006

Eve -

It was with great sadness I read of the passing of Ophelia, but my, what a long-lived piggy!  No doubt Ophelia hated to leave you, and wanted to spend every possible minute with his loving mommy.

I understand totally what you mean about watching him, thinking he is OK, and then suddenly realizing how alarmingly close the end is.  That is pretty much how it went with my Tosca.

Sometimes piggies need help to cross the Bridge, and sometimes they don't.  They know when the time is right and they do what they need to do.  I think you did the right thing with Ophelia.  Your first instincts are usually the best.  You knew in your heart what Ophelia needed and you provided it.

You and Ophelia were lucky to have each other to share in happiness and love.  Your love will last forever, and is still with Ophelia, at the Bridge.


Rayna and Carmen 
Taffy, Sundae and Tosca in mem

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