[Gpdd] Health: surgery or not?

Chizeck, Susan P chizeck at utdallas.edu
Fri May 5 18:58:43 EDT 2006

My Mattie is over 6 years old now and has developed some lipomas and
some unknown lumps on his abdomen.  For a while some of them have been
quite sensitive and he squeaks if I touch him there.  Of course, he
would not say a word while at the vet's.  Lately he seemed to be
developing more and I brought him to the vet's.  He did squeak up this
time.  She said it was really time to remove and biopsy them, as she
couldn't get a good biopsy of the new ones at this time.  He also has
swollen lymph nodes.  Of course, that would mean surgery, and Mattie is
getting up there in years.  He's my last pig of three.  He's done well
in surgery before, having been neutered and had an abscess removed, but
by a different (now unavailable) vet.  

So I'm debating whether to go ahead and get them removed.  Will it help
diagnosis something?  Yes.  But if it's cancer, it might not gain him
anything.  Any thoughts?

Susan Chizeck, 

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