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Sat May 6 03:57:09 EDT 2006

Dear friends,

A few hours ago, our dear little Cocoa left us for the Rainbow Bridge. Our 
brave little girl had not been in the best of health for about a year now. 
This morning, when she was given her medicine, she seemed to be making a 
turn for the better. She was bright-eyed, with a good appetite, and seemed 
stronger than she had been for many days. This afternoon, when I looked in 
on her, I could see that a complete reversal had taken place. Her eyes were 
dull, and somewhat sunken. When I picked her up, I could feel her little 
heartbeat on the tips of my fingers. The rhythm of it was so strange...it 
would beat strongly at times, and then so weakly that I could barely feel it 
at all. I felt, and continue to feel, so unbelievably sad. I, too, made the 
decision to allow Cocoa to die in her home, surrounded by piggies and people 
who love her, in the place where she was born, and where I knew she had 
always been comfortable. We are very grateful that her suffering was so 
short-lived, though, of course, we miss her terribly. She was born in 
mid-September of 2001, at about 1:00 in the afternoon. We watched as she 
came into the world, the smallest of a litter of four. Tiny as she was, she 
always had a tremendous appetite. She was feebly working on a carrot just 
hours before she left us. I think she loved to eat more than just about 
anything! She never did move around very much, and was very quiet...in fact, 
I don't remember ever hearing her "wheek" more than a couple of times. But 
when feeding time rolled around, she really came to life! She loved to stand 
up against the bars of her cage, waiting for her portion of fruits and 
veggies, and if we didn't get to her soon enough, she would begin gnawing on 
those bars,  just to speed things up a bit! She was her own unique and 
beautiful little "person"; always friendly and loving, and very much loved 
in return. We will miss her. There will be a tribute to her on our website 
in the very near future.

With heavy hearts,
Sherry and the Piggie Pals

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