[Gpdd] Annoucement: A new piggy! Casper

Dawnda Stricklen dawndastricklen at yahoo.com
Sat May 6 21:17:38 EDT 2006

Well, I did it. The little white baby piggie that I
had seen in the pet store last weekend came home with
me this weekend. He is the one that looked like my
first pig, Tasha. I have missed her so much!

I went in to pick up my reptile cage top that they
ordered for me. I went over to check on the baby and
to see if he was still there. He was there and one of
the other pigs had chewed most of his hair off of his
hind area.

I picked him up and sexed him. I could clearly hear a
clicking sound starting in his lungs and one of his
eyes was starting to matt up. I took him to the
employee and told him he was really sick with and
upper respiratory infection which was turning into
pneumonia. I told him that his eye was matted and he
had diarrhea. He just said "Really?" He said I will
put chamomile tea in his water,(which was empty by the
way), to fix him up. 

Oh, I was wanting to go off at that point. I said I
think I will take him home with me tonight where he
can get some antibiotics, anti-diarrhea, and some
probiotic medicine. If I leave him here, he is going
to die. 

His mother was in heat and head-butting him away. He
only looks like he is 3 weeks old. Actually, my boys
were much bigger at 3 weeks. They had good care from
the beginning though. The employee said he was really
young maybe only 12 weeks old! How ignornant can they
get!!! They look almost half grown at 12 weeks. When I
was going out the door, I heard another employee say,
"Who took my chamomile tea?"

He is an all white Abyssinian. I named him Casper. He
is the most adorable pig and the sweetest pig that I
have ever had. He is in my ICU cage. He has a heating
pad and his own pigloo. They were all fighting over
one at the pet store. He loves hay! He had never had
any of that. He is like the old commercial, "Let's
give it to Mikey. He will eat anything!" He has loved
everything that I have given him including all the
medicine!!! He is the perfect piggie! He eats like a
pig and I have gotten his stools firm again. He still
has some clicking but it will take a few day for that
to start getting better. Poor baby was starting to lay
in the corner at the pet store and it was really cold
in there. I put a picture of him up on my blinks site.
The link is at the bottom under my name.

Dawnda Stricklen



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