[Gpdd] RE [MISC] One, or Two, Piggies

Birdie Horn birdlonglegs at yahoo.com
Sun May 7 00:05:50 EDT 2006

I love the names. I think thou I would 
  have to shop for exactlly the right 
  piggies to have that honor. My luck I
  would wind up with more than 2 before
  I found the piggies I thought should
  be named that. If you want free range
  piggies, you'd better be prepared to 
  clean up if they make messes. Other
  than that, I'd go for 2 piggies. But
  you are getting an opion from a 
  total gp addict and slave. 
  Birdie and Jimmy Jr. (gp #5),Spunky
  (gp# 7), Miss Perky and Miss Pooky
  (gp's 10 and 11) 


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