[Gpdd] MISC: Happy Guineas

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Sun May 7 00:24:57 EDT 2006

    Hello, fellow GPDDers and slaves! I have an interesting revelation to share with you today about guinea personalities. I would love to know if you've experienced the same things at all.
    As many of you know I have converted into a corral type cage made with those grid squares and coroplast sheets. I can not tell you how wonderful these cages are, though I am going to try. Cleaning them is much easier than the smaller cage ever was, especially is you get the corners (where guineas prefer to pee) every couple of days. And my guinea girls have never been happier, which leads to me revelation.
    As time has gone on I have noticed huge changes in my piggies' personalities! I'll explain. Blacky is normally very reserved and quiet. I used to never hear her wheek, ever! Something horrible would have to happen to make her raise her voice; worse than a bath because she wouldn't even wheek then. Well, since getting her huge 3 x 3 cage, Blacky has been wheeking a lot more often. She'll wheek when she's hungry, lonesome, playing... and she has the prettiest voice. It's high, but whispery and gentle, like how I imagine angels would talk.
    Both Blacky and Pooky used to be so lazy as well. They'd pretty much stay in one place and not do much, but now in the new house, oh, they wear me out with all of their running around! They were playing the funniest game of tag I have ever seen today. They'd tag by head butting one another's bums and when the tagger got irritated, the runner would shake their butts as if to say "Nah nah, you can't get me!" They went on for at least an hour like that! It was precious.
    They get along a lot better as well. They even share their pigloo willingly now! Previously, one of them would claim it and the other would have to wait "outside" until the first went to sleep so they could creep in. Now they go into together and actually CUDDLE one another! 
    And on top of all of this, and this fact is nearly unspeakable, they share the food dish now. I know, you're all floored by this, but it's true. I'll serve breakfast and they will both go up to the dish and stand on opposite sides. They share the food without fighting too much (no biting or crying for mommy to intervene) and will actually leave portions of food for one another. If I put in only one carrot for instance, Pooky will eat half and leave the other half for Blacky. I swear it! 
    Do you think they were taken over by aliens? I swear these are not my guinea girls. Have any of you experienced this change in your guineas after converting cages?
    Let me know!
                            Very confused,

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