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calzos calcinos at yahoo.es
Sun May 7 21:16:45 EDT 2006

  First of all, I am very very sorry for those who have lost their partners; my heart is full of pain and I know it's very hard. Warm regards.
  Your story is very funny; my babies love playing with everything, even with me. I use to sit in the middle of the cage in the morning and afternoon and they start to run around (I am a totem!), chasing each other and jumping over my legs. Sometimes, one of the little girls is hidden (into a house or under my skirt), waitin' for the another; when the second one appears and touches her nose, the "hidden one" jumps on her, and the second one "must" run into a house/my skirt. Then she waits for the another to "surprise" her, and the game starts again. The older one just watches them; when they jump a lot, she runs and push them, and the girls stop the game. She's the boss! Or she jumps on me to sleep, watching the little ones running on the floor. It's very funny, they play like human girls!
  My boys play in a different way. The "teenager" uses to "defy" the older one, and then he runs under my skirt (I can see his nose). Cosina (the older one) starts to move his arse in front of me "c'mon, little boy, come here", and waits and waits and waits. Finally, Hastur (the "teenager") jumps on him and the chase starts, until he runs under my skirt again and you just see his nose. 
  Another funny thing is toys. They have a lot of them, but all of them want the same; this means they "fight" to get it. If one gets it, she/he runs into a house, using her/his arse to obstruct the door, so "noboby else can play with this (my) toy". 
  I use to record with my cam that hide-and seek game, they can play it almost for an hour! Incredible.


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