[Gpdd] Behavior: Boys Vs Girls?

Jackie Bickers jackie3492 at hotmail.com
Mon May 8 23:01:03 EDT 2006

Has anyone ever noticed a personality difference between their male and 
female piggies? I mean, I love all six of mine the same...but any males I 
have ever had are full of personality...and are always dying to know what 
his people are up to...even my crabby one Simon, and especially the newest 
one, Jimmie...while my girls are a lot more cautious (even though a couple 
ive had almost three years) and seem like they couldn't care less what I was 
doing (unless its feeding time, then they are ALL my best friends) Just 
curious to see if anyone has ever noticed this if they've had a lot of 
either sex...LOL

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