[Gpdd] [ANNOUNCE] New Piggies-one SICK

Glynis Robson Glynis at garnay.com.au
Tue May 9 00:53:18 EDT 2006

Hello our names are Duke and Sully, our slaves are Deana and Scott with
a mention to our slave grandma Glynis.
I have had an operation (Sully) on my teeth just over two weeks ago,
they were filed down and i had to have antibiotics. I am now not eating
very well at all and loosing weight. The critical care seems to go
through my system. Has anyone a suggestion how to get my appetite going
again?? Grandma usually has to administer the 'drugs' and yukky
Note from Grandma, Sully's appetite has virtually disappeared i think
it's still a teeth problem but the vet assures me it should be fine by
now, please if anyone has ideas i would really appreciate them as he's
only just over 4 years young.

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