[Gpdd] Health: Prayers for my Brownie Bear

Leah McNeil lconsuela at yahoo.com
Tue May 9 00:57:27 EDT 2006

Hello Slaves,
Sorry I haven't written much
like I used to. I've been so
busy with my new job and we've
been house-hunting and what not.

But, anyways, I just wanted to
ask for some Prayers for my
Sassy Brownie Bear. When I took
her to the Vet a couple of wheeks
ago, she had one stone that looked
like it was getting ready to pass
(in her urethra). And the poor
thing had bladder sludge in her
bladder. :-(

If you recall, she had 4 stones
back in November, and I thought
that she had passed all 4. But,
we thought the last one that was
out of her bladder (and in her
urethra) had passed...
Well, it didn't. And so, my 'ole
Vet in Virginia sent me all of her
past x-rays, and we compared them
today. And we realized that that
last stone was still in her urethra,
in the same spot.

And the bad news is--that is looked
like it had gotten bigger, but in
reality, it is stuck and more
calcium deposits are adding to it
as I try to flush it out with the
extra water intake. Sigh.

Her x-rays today showed that there
was no bladder sludge in her bladder,
and I'm sure that is because I have
been syringing her an excessive
amount of water. Like, I'm having
Brownie Bear Power Hour (BBPH) all
evening after I get home from work.
(For those who may not know, BBPH
is when I syringe BB as much water
as she will take for an entire hour,
with pee breaks, of course).

So, tomorrow, I am going to drop
the Bear off at the Vet's and they
are going to put her under and try
to get that stone out of her urethra.
Dr. Griffin is going to try and get
it out by going in through the urethra
(as opposed to surgery).

This past wheekend, BB screamed a
couple of times when she urinated,
and she was starting to look like
it was really bothering her. And
then on Sunday, she had a wet bottom,
and it looked like her urine was
dribbling. She just got off of
Baytril last Tuesday, but I guess
this stone is determined to keep
her unhappy. And also, she smells
sour 'down there'. So, I am Really
worried about my Baby.

I have been syringing her like mad
this evening and giving her lots of
TLC. I just hope that the Vet can
get this stone out. Because I truly
think that her little body is getting
tired of the pain. :-(

Sorry this is so long, but Please
say an extra Prayer or two for my
little Brownie Bear.

I hope that all Piggies and Slaves
are doing well, especially the ones
that aren't feeling so good, and
the grieving ones too.

   Love 'n Wheeeeeeeeeeps,
      Leah...Worried Slave to
         Brownie Bear & Butterscotch

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