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Tue May 9 07:55:22 EDT 2006

Hi all,
Yet again more problems with my Dougall, and also his cage mate Angus
(although now separated).   Came home one day to discover Dougall had a
huge bite out of his ear, and thought it was one of the native birds.
Then next day discovered Dougall and Angus in a major fight, so that was
obviously the reason for the part-ear loss.    Those two were best
mates, and then snap!  Every time they get near each other the teeth
chatter so loudly, it's quite horrible a sound.
Anyway, to add salt to the wounds, Dougall has a couple of bites on his
side and neck; and yesterday my sister & I discovered those bites have
become infected - so badly, that Doogie has an infection, like a huge
boil, the size of a squash ball in his side.   My sister discovered the
pus in between the two wounds, which have formed the one large wound.
She managed to get a core out of one of the wounds, and then we took him
to the vet.  The vet shaved him, gave him antibiotic injection, gave him
painkilling injection, and told us to keep bathing him in salt water to
keep the wounds open so hopefully the pus would keep draining; and also
oral antibiotics.      
Tonight Kathy and I had to really be cruel to try to be kind and reopen
those wounds, using the salt water and softening so we could
squeeze/stretch the wounds to try to start the pus draining.   Kathy
managed to get some solidified pus out of one wound using very fine
tweezers; and some pus out of the neck wound.   
Unfortunately, I know Dougall has to have surgery - there's absolutely
no way we can burst the boil.   He'll end up dying of blood poisoning if
I don't take the risk with surgery.   Also, to hear his screams when we
try to get pus out hurts me no end.  I can't put my boy through any more
of this suffering when it's obviously the oral antibiotics just can't
get through the thick core of the infection.    
So, much to my regret, I'm going to book him in for surgery ASAP.    I'm
terrified; I just adore Doogie - within a week of my rescuing him from
RSPCA he knew me, and did exactly what my Teddy used to do (he died on
26/12/05) - run and crawl up Mummy's shoulder for cuddles, for comfort,
for protection.    This will sound quite amazing, but Dougall actually
licks me, like a dog!   He licks my chin, my face, my hands - no teeth
used; just licks.  Probably likes the salt off my skin, but I'm going to
continue to believe he's showing his mummy how much he loves me with
At the same time as the surgery, I'm going to get him neutered; he being
the less dominant one, we've been advised to neuter him so that he's
even lower in ranking, and then Angus should not feel any threat and
hopefully will again become good friends.  
Angus didn't escape wounds, he's got 5 wounds on his chest - and two
wounds have formed one big boil, like Doogy's - only not as big.  So,
he'll probably need surgery as well.
We have rescued 2 other piggies from the RSPCA, so I have a beautiful
black & white Peruvian piggy called Archie, who would be a comfort - I
loved him straight away.    But Doogie is my heart, my love, and a joy &
honour to call my own.  
Please guinea pig lovers, would you pray for my Dougall?   I'm a mess
just thinking about it.   My last piggy Teddy had so many anaesthetics
that I know that was his reason for his ultimate demise.   If I lose
Dougall, I feel that that will be the end for me.   I feel like I'll
just give up, so to speak.   No more piggies - I love them too deeply
and suffer unbearably when they go to the Bridge.
I would appreciate all your prayers.... I need my Doogie!
Best wishes from
Julie, slave to Dougall, Archie; and my Rainbow Bridge piggies Teddy &
Muppet - forever in my heart & soul
"I believe  that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when
our wings have  trouble remembering how to fly." 

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