[Gpdd] [Announcement] [Health] Patches and Mallocclusion

Evelyn Baker ebak at ca.inter.net
Sun May 14 11:28:26 EDT 2006

I was so sorry to hear about Patches. I looked at his picture and he  
looks so like Quincy, my first guinea pig.  I know it's very  
difficult for you right now. You feel a lot of guilt and what ifs.  
Let me say that my third guinea pig Wilbur had a tooth problem like  
Patches. She regularly had her teeth clipped without anistheitc  
wrapped in a towel with no lasting consequences other than a wounded  
ego. (She would get mad at me afterwards.)

If anything it may have been other health problems caused by the  
malocclusion her underlying symptoms. I know it is incredibly hard to  
loose a loved guinea pig.

Please accept my condolences and don't blame yourself.


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