[Gpdd] MISC: Rain

DEE CLARK joedee1986 at verizon.net
Tue May 16 19:30:48 EDT 2006

Hi Tex,

Thanks for asking.  Joe and I are okay where we are.  No flooding and we
have a dry basement.  We did have a power outage last night for a short
time.  It is worse in parts of NH and farther north in the Lowell, Mass.

I am starved for some sunshine.  Should get some tomorrow.  At least the
rain washed most of the pollen away and my allergies haven't been bothering
me.  Something like 7 days of rain here.

By the way, Juliet is recovering very well.  Not getting along with Peaches
for some reason.  I hope to get them back together soon.


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