[Gpdd] MISC: Guinea Slavery

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Thu May 18 15:22:07 EDT 2006

    Isn't it hillarious how far animal husbandry can go?
    I know just how you feel, Debbie. I don't know if you know, but a little while ago I wrote that my sister is thinking about getting rid of her guinea pigs Mamas and Jellybean. Well, on Mother's Day I nearly ended up bringing them home! My sister changed her mind at the last second and asked if she could think about it a bit more. But, oh, I wanted to say "NO!" and snatch those little fur babies up and drive away before she could stop me! 
    To clarify, Sammy is not a bad kid and she doesn't mistreat them, but she is a teenager with a very busy schedule. She plays sports, teaches inner city kids how to dance, goes to school, works part-time, takes guitar lessons, chills with her friends, and still manages to do her own laundry! The kid has a lot on her plate and who can blame her for having a hard time making sure the guineas' cage is clean?! Let's face it, slaves, guineas are A LOT of work. They're up their with newborns and husbands (hee hee, sorry, my little joke there! No offense!)
    And then once I got home, empty handed but eager for those guineas, I realized I never even asked Michal if it was okay! I'm glad I didn't come home with them now because he would have been very upset that I didn't include him in on the choice. But never you fear, I asked him....... and begged, and pleaded. He's finally agreed (yay!) and once Sammy is truly fed up, they'll come home with me.
    I am very glad about this because we have to send our cat Luna to the anticruelty this week. Luna is an old cat and never had to deal with kids before and she simply isn't dealing with Aurora very well. We are very strict with Aurora about how she treats the animals, but sometimes she can be intense though not hurtful. Well, Luna can't handle the intensity and will lash out at Aurora over nothing. The other day Aurora just came up to were Luna was laying and said, "Hi, Luna!" and Luna scratched her face! Michal was right there, so we know she never even touched Luna. And though it makes us sad, we feel we have to send Luna away because we can't have her hurting Aurora for no reason and truly it's unfair to Luna to constantly be so stressed out that she feels she has to. 
    Anyway, Aurora is really upset about Luna going away and I think bringing in some more friends might help to ease her sadness. Poor kid. She's been really upset lately because her fish didn't really survive the move and now the cat has to leave; it's a lot for a little heart to take.
    Ahhh, the trials of slavedom! 
    Well, my love goes out to you who are missing your fur babies or nusing ill ones. Remember we're like a family here and we are all supporting you with prayers and kind thoughts; you're not alone.
                                Love, Amber

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