[Gpdd] Health: Announcement: Good News about Lucky

RSilhan rsilhan at mc.net
Fri May 19 16:59:11 EDT 2006

Hi Everyone and Everypig,
I'm a faithful reader of the digest, but I rarely post. However, today
is momentous day that Lucky and I would like to share with everyone.
Since November of last year, he has had multiple bladderstones form
three times and has had surgical removal three times at a rate of about
every 8 weeks. The first two times, he bounced back quickly. The most
recent time in March, it was very difficult for him to recover. I began
to question whether I should have had him endure the last surgery, but
what other choice did I have? He celebrated his 2nd birthday on the day
of surgery. It seemed too young to let him go. We put him on a strict
diet and started giving him shilingtong every day. No more crying, just
wheeks of joy. Since then, the vet has been x-raying him at monthly
intervals. Today was the second x-ray since his last surgery and there
was no stone to be seen!!! It seems like such a short time, but, if he
had been following his usual history, he already would have formed
another stone. We are sooooo happy and thankful for the good  news.
Truth be told, I think that the vet was at least as happy as we were.
Now, knock on wood, we will wait two months to x-ray him again. We're
praying that we can make it stone-free till that time. Thanks for
Roxanne and Lucky and the rest of the herd:
Lil Pig, Lily, Pansy, Halston, Woody, Gizmo, Snowflake, Sammy, Abygayle,
Hans and Franz

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