[Gpdd] Behavior: Guinea Wars, HELP!

ghost1972 at sbcglobal.net ghost1972 at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 24 19:45:07 EDT 2006

    My darling GPDDers, I am a little worried about how my little family is doing. Any advice you have on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
    As expected, by big girls have been trying to establish a pecking order which inevidably involves racing around, butt biting and scuffles of the guinea kind. Very frightening to me, but for the most part harmless.
    Mamas is the aggressor, which rather surprised me considering Pooky and Jellybean are both her daughters. She will go into one of the houses I have set up knowing full well that one of the others is in it and chase them till they leave. She will go after them even when they are no where near her. And now they run into the corners whenever they see Mamas. 
    I was forced to keep her chaged alone beside the large corral. She looked in all night, pushing her little nose inbetween the bars as if she missed it. And when I put her back inside for a little interaction, she was right back to chasing and biting! 
    How is it that Jellybean has more or less adjusted? She is a very shy girl because she wasn't handled very much and so her keeping more in her pigloo than the others is no surprise to me. 
    Any information on this would be a great help. 
    Thank you!
                            A Very Exhausted,

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