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Thu May 25 05:31:16 EDT 2006

Corrine and Michael
I just wanted to add my condolences on the very sad loss of your precious  
Cinnamon Bear. I agree with everyone who has told you not to blame yourselves,  
although like Brownie Bear's mum, I am a hypocrite, as I am very good at 
blaming  myself for the deaths of my own piggies! But from what you have said, you 
did  all you could, and it was the inadequate veterinary provision which 
ultimately  let him down. I am so very, very sorry.
It absolutely infuriates me that there seems so little knowledge about  
guinea pig illnesses. Guinea pigs have been used in laboratories for many years,  
and had all kinds of human illnesses produced in them in order for them to be  
used to test drugs which then go on to save human lives. So there must exist,  
somewhere in the annals of the laboratories, detailed information of their  
anatomy, physiology, reactions and so on. So why, oh why, do so very many of 
our  beloved little pals seem to pass away from "unknown causes"??? How can 
there  possibly be so much veterinary ignorance, let alone indifference? I have 
been in  your very position. Here in France, when I rang up 2 regional 
laboratories in  order to try to get an autopsy to explain why my young Scruff passed 
away, as  much to increase the vets' knowledge as for my own information, I was 
told they  had NEVER done an autopsy on a guinea pig, so unless there was an 
obvious  infection or parasitical infestation, they would not be able to tell 
why the  piggie had died. So I kept my money and gave Scruff the decent 
funeral she  deserved - but it was so very frustrating. I am sure, if I were a vet, 
I would  WANT to conduct autopsies on all guinea pigs that died after symptoms 
I did not  uinderstand, in order to enable me to better treat the next piggie 
that  presented with the same symptoms. But then, I could never be a vet, 
because I  know I would get far too upset seeing all that animal suffering.
Cinnamon Bear sounds like he was a wonderful character, a true prince among  
guinea pigs, and it is abundantly clear from what you have written about him  
that he was very much adored, and knew it. The hole in your heart will never 
go  away - I don't think they ever do. But it will become a little less raw 
around  the edges with time, and hopefully, Cinnamon Bear will guide another 
piggie into  your lives when he thinks you may be ready, knowing of the idyllic 
life you can  offer a guinea pig. It will not replace your little 
"snickerdoodle", any more  than a new baby could replace a dead child, but hopefully it will 
ease the pain  just a little.
Stop torturing yourselves with guilt. You did your best, which is all any  of 
us can do, and he knew he was loved. And he is waiting for you at The Rainbow 
 Bridge, popcorning happily amongst the lush green grass and dandelions, free 
 from all anxiety and pain.
Love from Debbie (and the 16 Dolly Mixtures)

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