[Gpdd] Misc: Welcome and condolences

Moxie and Nexus moxie17 at sbcglobal.net
Fri May 26 19:41:55 EDT 2006

Welcome to the new people on the list.  
  We were so sorry to hear of C. Bear's passing.  Everyone has said it all so well, that you did everything for him.
  I have a question about baths.  My Smudge is 2 years old and I have never given him a bath.  He is a difficult one to pick up.  I have to scoop him up when he doesn't expect it, but he loves to be petted once I have him.  Do you think I should give him a bath?  He lives with two other boars in a 2 x 5 C&C cage or whatever you call the homemade ones.  I use woody pet on the bottom and Hunt Club (the recycled cardboard) on top.  I clean about every 11-14 days which means removing everything.  

Moxie, Nexus, Smudge, Ziggy, and Chuckie
God Bless America
In God We Trust

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