[Gpdd] ANNOUNCE--introducing me and my boys

KiraEswen at aol.com KiraEswen at aol.com
Sat May 27 14:47:54 EDT 2006


I've been reading for a while, thought it was time to say hi.
I am mum to five guinea pig boars and one rabbit. 
I aquired the first two pigs (Zombie and Fudge) about  a year and a  half 
ago.  And they have been the light of my life since that time.
Mid December last year I ended up with a rescued rabbit and guinea pig  combo 
(Morticia - the rabbit and Gomez the guinea pig)  There were living  
together, but outside in a garden.  Inside in the house Gomez's pitiful  squeals when 
Morticia jumped on him got too much and I separated them,  concluding who ever 
thought that rabbits and pigs make good hutch buddies, must  be mental or not 
paying attention.  Rabbit seems ok by herself she largely  has the run of the 
downstairs of the house.  Gomez was a bit lonely on his  own (although 
safer).  So went to the nearest guinea pig rescue place and  got him a friend.  A 
very scruffy long haired, completely black boar called  Cthulhu.  
Two months ago a friend of a friend, had an unexpected delivery, two girls  
one boy....I ended up with the baby boy, Grendel. 
Zombie and Fudge had an amazing falling out, as the scar that is still on  my 
leg will atest to.  So Fudge now lives alone, for a while I thought I  was 
going to lose him, he had a really nasty abscess and it took two operations  and 
lots of anti biotics to make it go away. 
Cthulhu and Gomez get on great, Zombie plays with them most of the day, but  
sleeps on his own at night.
Zombie did used to share with Grendel, but......there was a falling out  
there too.  I don't think it was Zombie's fault however.  Fudge and  Grendel just 
insist on picking fights with everyone and are then upset and hurt  when 
someone else finishes the fight for them.  I am trying to foster a  friendship with 
Grendel and Fudge but I guess it is the ginger gene....there is  lots of 
clicking and rumble strutting.
Gomez is tricoloured.  Fudge has a ginger head and white body.   Grendel is 
Ginger with a dash of white on his head, Cthulhu looks like a bad  toupee with 
legs, Zombie is mostly grey, with a flash of ginger and white here  and there 
and ruby eyes. 
Morticia (rabbit) is black with one white foot, and part lionhead so has a  
shock of gothic hair between her ears. 
and I'm Kira.....(ginger) and a slave. 

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