[Gpdd] Misc: Re: Gwen & her Boys

leah.mcneil at wachovia.com leah.mcneil at wachovia.com
Wed May 31 13:26:42 EDT 2006

Hey Gwen!
How nice that your colleague said such kind things
about you and your boys. And I have to tell you that
you are not the only one out of control when it comes
to your boys! I think we're all kind of that way here on
the Digest, so you are quite normal here. :-) Just
last night, I was going through through the check-out
line at a grocery store, and the cashier said to me,
"Wow, you eat a lot of vegetables!" Oh, ya see,
since we just recently moved to this area, they don't
know about my piggies. So, of course, I had to show
the nice lady a pigture of my piggies. And the cool
thing is--I have pigtures (AND video) of them on my
new phone! I've never had a cell phone with such
capabilities. So, now, I can show off my piggies in
a whole new light. Awesome!

And I also know how piggies can soothe you when
you're going through rough times. Like, before I
started back working (in April), I was getting kind of
down about not finding a job. I didn't realize how hard it
would be to find a job here. Well, it took me 3 months,
which apparently isn't that bad, but still it felt like I was
unemployed for Years! So, I was really starting to
get depressed. And I even had some scary thoughts,
like I wanted to give up, which Really frightened me
because I'm a pretty upbeat chickie and it has been
a long time since I thought like that (the last Big breakup
between Daddy Slave and me). But, you know what
was the ONE thing that kept me going??? It was my
Brownie Bear! I kept thinking that if I weren't around,
who would take care of B-Bear? Who would spend
at least an hour every night syringing her extra water?
Who would give her Metacam when she needed it?
Who would rub her belly when she was gassy and
give her Mylicon? Who would put up with her Sassiness
(and Biting)? So, I pretty much came to the conclusion
that if I died, then BB would die. So, in a sense, I guess
you could say that Brownie Bear saved my life. And
for that, I will always Love her...

              Love 'n Wheeeeeeeeeeeeps,
                    Leah...Slave to Brownie Bear
                                      & Butterscotch :-)

"...I will say that I act like the proud
mama (ok slave) of my 3 boys. I always
have stories to share with anyone and
everyone.......Even to the clerk at
Vitamin World today. Please tell me, I
am not the only one out of control....
....lol. ...I also believe that if it
wasn't for the boys, I would have been
a wreck after breaking up recently
with a man I thought I would eventually

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