[Gpdd] Health: bumblefoot

Mary Fran McCluskey faststats at faststatschecks.com
Mon Oct 23 13:00:53 EDT 2006

Hello Evelyn,
Sounds like Phoebe might be coming down with the dreaded Bumblefoot. I don't know how to treat it but I'm sure others on the Digest will be sending helpful informaiton.
Sounds like the Phoeb needs some exercise. My piggies just got a ball that I hang from the top of the cage that you can stuff hay and veggies into and they have a great time with it. Especially Little Bear who's so frisky. But also Cookie, who I think regards it as a bit of a nuisance, uses it. Hey, there's food in there.
They both send healing wheeks.
--Mary Fran

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