[Gpdd] RAINBOW BRIDGE. Condolences for Mr.Cooders.

Penny Charlesworth piggyfriends at tesco.net
Thu Oct 5 05:03:27 EDT 2006

We are all so very sad to read about Mr.Cooders departure to the Rainbow 

You tried so hard to make him better but sometimes, despite superhuman 
efforts, you just can't win. It is just not fair.

I'm sure that everyone here will sympathise with you and wish that the 
outcome could have been better but you can never say that you didn't try 
your very best for him.

Take care. Wheeks to Charlie and Chester.

>From Penny and the Piggyfriends in England.

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> #2482 Rainbow Bridge
> It is with the deepest sadness and regret that I must ask that a  Bridge 
> be
> posted at Mr. Cooders name. He is # 2482 on the Poo Trail list.
> I helped him to the bridge at approximately 11AM today, Oct. 3,  2006.
> I cannot write more about this right (emotionally depleted) now, but 
> will. I
> have not abandoned the digest. Alas, neither Coodie nor I have  been well.
> He and I worked hard to "get him better" and in one sense he did well.  He
> began attacking his critical care (plus other "goodies") on his  plate and 
> off
> the spoon with real gusto, fighting for the yogurt syringe.  (Hooray!)
> Of course, with his ever-irritating bladder stone, there was no true 
> getting
> well.He spent a total of  6 weeks on antibiotics, but the UTI  was only 
> part
> of the problem and reducing the stone's size would cause  greater --and
> potentially far worse -- problems.
> I could not continue seeing him in chronic discomfort and pain.
> If this sounds like "flat description," it is. My heart is broken.
> Do you realize that Mr. Cooders was the last of the original "3 Jolly
> Rodents."
> RIP my sweetest!
> Alge, Chester and Charlie  <--- remaining Jolly Rodents
> Also, Coodie wanted me to share his ongoing devotion to Porky. Love "is
> stronger than death, he said.

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