[Gpdd] Rainbow Bridge ~ Bilbo

shim1990 at adelphia.net shim1990 at adelphia.net
Thu Oct 5 19:33:28 EDT 2006

This is so hard to believe so shortly after Mouse...but Bilbo crossed The Bridge sometime last night.  I hadn't noticed anything wrong with him at all til around 6 last evening, when I noticed his breathing was noisy.  I made sure he was good and warm for the night, and planned to get him to the vet this morning.  He passed away sometime during the night.  I can only think it was some sort of URI thing, and that he masked it quite well.

Billy was a great big boy I called my woodchuck.  He was a perfect gentleman with a sweet disposition.  His buddy Frodo misses him already, so we've moved him to the busiest room in the house and are giving him lots of extra snuggle time.

I always thought my Baggins Boys were East Coast Cousins of the Jolly Rodents, so perhaps Bil just wanted to go and join Wilson and dear Cooders for some fun.I hope they're all having a grand time, and that they'll all be there when it's my turn to go.

Mama loves you, Billy!!!
  Judi, the Haypile Honeys, and the    Baggins Boys

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