[Gpdd] [GPDD] Care - Tea Tree Oil

Susi Eastin ok.cavylodge at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 9 13:18:39 EDT 2006

Sasha - Your friend would probably be better off using something
  recommended for treating lice, like the ivermectin. We like to
  use the spray designed for reptiles. I prefer topical treatments
  when possible, and it comes highly recommended from friends
  with both reptiles and piggies (as well as many other critters; I
  know, odd combination, huh?)
  But I would be surprised if the tea tree oil had any effect on the
  lice. We use it occasionally for treating 'ow-ies', and I did a 
  search just now to be sure -- it is primarily an antiseptic, so it 
  would be similar to spraying bugs with Lysol. They'll be clean, 
  but they won't die (hey - I've done this at home before!  If I'd see 
  a bug or spider and don't have anything else handy, I'd try spraying 
  them with the Lysol!  They were just highly offended and moved 
  away from me!)
  Nothing to do with lice or various treatments . . . I've just been 
  meaning to ask  . . . speaking of members who mainly 'lurk' and
  don't post. A year or so ago we had Sara from Lebanon, with
  piggies and a bird (African Grey parrot?).  I haven't seen anything
  from her here since I got back online, does anyone know anything
  about her? I sure hope they're ok . . .

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