[Gpdd] Silly: Love "Affair"

Birdie Horn birdlonglegs at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 11 17:49:34 EDT 2006

Hi all,
  I sent a congtas to Browyn on her being
  Pet of the day and told her that Jimmy and Spunky 
  were sending Wheeks and piggie kisses to her. I 
  sent pics to her of my babies and this was her reply. 
  I thought you might like a bit of gossip from the Piggy 
  Enquirer, but don't tell Miss Perky, Miss Pooky or 
  Brody, Wouldn't want unrest in the ranks. 
    Oh Birdie,
  Your babies are all so gorgeous!!!  Are Miss Perky and Miss Pooky littermates?  I showed Bronwyn the photos, and she said they were all lovely, but she was especially infatuated with Spunky Man.  She asked that you keep this on the down low, because she is, after all the wife of my only boar, Brody.  She said that if she wasn't already 'spoken for' she would definitely give him a call.  Coincidently, Spunky man looks like he could be Brody's brother!!!
  Take Care,
  Lisa & the San Diego Herd 
  then I replied

  Thanks for saying my babies are gorgeous. I think 
  Miss Perky and Miss Pooky are littlemates as
  they came in together at the human society where
  I adopted them. That is to funny how Spunky looks
  like  Brody, Maybe that's why Browyn likes him 
  so much. I think MIss Perky and MIss Pooky might
  try to get Browyn a run for her veggies thou, so 
  Spunky isn't saying anything but Thanks. 
  What a naughty boy he is tried to slip her 
  some tounge. 
  Birdie and the Omaha stinkers!!!! Yes my little
  oinkers sometimes let some big bombs if you
  know what I mean LOL.

  and then her reply

  I explained the situation of your lovely female Omaha piggies and the run for her veggies, and Bronwyn just played it cool like she'd done that a million times before.  When Brody gave her a suspicious look, she just played like she's forgotten her glasses.  Later, I saw them ignite their love for one another with the sharing of a baby carrot and Bronwyn actually letting Brody snuggle in her sacred pigloo.  Do all 4 of your pigs live together?
  Lisa the precocious mommy
  p.s. Fortunately I haven't smelled any stinkers (though I've heard of them), but I have actually held the pigs while they had gas bubbles rumbling through their intestines.



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