[Gpdd] [Care] harness and leash; Lotje loves shilintong :D, incontinence?; Suus

Mieke Staaks pandameisje at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 06:30:30 EDT 2006

Hi fellow GPDD-ers

Cheryl, I have a leash at home which could be used for guineas. I tried it
one my late boar Winky, but he hated it and wouldn't stop running around
until it was of. He seemed to be running around like a blind pig and could
have run into something at pretty fast speed. Luckilyhe never did, but i
decided not to use it anymore. My brothers piggie Dobby also had a harnes
and leash, his one had a bell on it. But Dobby was afraid of the bell I
guess, because he would not move a paw when he had te harness on.
Now i'm thinking of bells, Janneke and me got bellydancing sjawls with those
nice tingling coins on it, but Jan does not like the sound of it. he tries
to run and hide everytime we try to bellydance. Poor boy, i guess he will
have to get used to it, because we like to practice. Luckily he is already
getting used to it now.

Some time ago we asked about shilintong and eurologist, because Lotje has
crystals in her blatter. Sherry was kind enough to send us her spare bottle
of shilintong. since then we have been feeding it to Lot twice a day. at
first she was surprised because it wasn't the filthy antibiotics she got
before. And know i think she really likes it. When i hold the syringe in
front of her head she will grab it with her teeth jerk it towards her and
chew on the syringe like she's trying to say 'please mommy, gimme gimme'.
The shilintong seems to taste like a dutch candy called 'Drop' maybe it is
known to some of you as licorice (or something like that, Lakritze maybe?).
being a Dutch piggie Lotje just has to love it! Anyway, i'm glad i don't
have to force feed her.
Just an other question about Lotje. She had this UTI and now she seems to
lose pee, like she is incontinent. Is that possible in a piggie? Does anyone
have expience with piggies that have this. Could she have gotten it as a
result of the UTI, or is the UTI possibly not gone yet? It does not seem to
bother her, but am just curious.

And as a proud Auntie I would like to inform you that Suus got chosen to be
in a game. In dutch its called 'Kwartet', don't know how it is in english,
but the purpose of the game is to collect all 4 cards in category. Suus is
in the smoothhaired category. They make this guineapig kwartet at a rescue
in the netherlands.

wheeks to all piggies and their slaves,
Mikey and the Winky Girls
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